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C Moody Art
Hunt Slonem
Luna Moths
Monkey Faces


Hunt Slonem paints lush, expressive works whose built-up surfaces reveal many layers of imagery and intense color. He scores his works by scratching grid-like patterns into the final application of paint, creating a visual screen through which depictions of faces, birds and butterflies can be viewed. Slonem has gained notoriety for his paintings which are exhibited internationally, with works belonging to many museums and collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York. Slonem lives in New York with his world-renown collection of exotic birds whose likenesses frequent his paintings. His most recent book, Hunt Slonem: Paintings was published by Abrams Press and was released in the Spring of 2002.  He is collected by major corporations, museums and private collectors all over the world. In fact, he painted the largest mural in NYC, 86’ long piece installed in Bryant Park Grill, the site of Fashion Week.


Cheryl Moody
9 E. 16th St., #4A
NY, NY 10003
212-352-9494 fax